Brownlow Medal Update

The 2017 Brownlow Medal will be awarded to the AFL’s best and fairest player on the 25th of September 2017. The highly anticipated count is slowly edging closer and although it seems like a two horse race between Geelong superstar, Patrick Dangerfield and Richmond bad-boy Dustin Martin anything is possible.

Patrick Dangerfield ($2.05) continues to take his game to the next level. In 2016 he averaged: 32 disposals, 5 tackles and 1 goal. So far this season Danger has booted 33 goals and has averaged a freakish 6 tackles and 31 disposals per game. His ability to hit the score-board attracts plenty of attention from the umpires and also gives him a distinct advantage over Dustin Martin.

Dustin Martin ($2.10) has been a stand-out performer for Richmond so far this season. Unlike Patrick Dangerfield, Dusty will benefit from not losing votes to fellow teammates.Trent Cotchin has been the occasional stand-out for the tigers and may steal votes occasionally, however it is nowhere near the magnitude Dangerfield faces with the likes of Joel Selwood and Mitch Duncan.

Tom Mitchell ($10) has excelled at his new club, averaging 36 disposals per game (league best). He has disposed of the football more times than any other player in the AFL this season. Question-marks, however have been raised over his impact with the sherrin in hand.

Zac Merrett ($15) is a ball magnet. His ability to hit a target under pressure is noticed by everyone, including the umpires. His teammates look for him to distribute the football and always gathers plenty of it.

Rory Sloane ($29) started the season off with a bang. His ferocious attack on the football raised plenty of attention and as a result opposing teams have opted to limit his influence through the use of a heavy tag. When Sloane is allowed to run free he causes serious damage to his opposition, the most recent example of this was Adelaide’s R18 clash with Geelong at Adelaide Oval.

Gary Ablett ($31) has been superb when on the field. Injuries have plagued the 33 year old, restricting him to a mere 13 games so far this season. It’ll be incredibly difficult for him to take home the medal in 2017 due to the amount of games he has already missed.

Joel Selwood ($41) is always noticed by the umpires and as a result polls very well come Brownlow night. He’s played some unbelivable games, however team-mates such as Patrick Dangerfield, Mitch Duncan and even Zac Tuohy may steal crucial votes from the captain when expected to poll. Joel needs to have a massive end to the season if he stands any chance.

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